SQL Comparison SDK
You can compare and synchronize database schemas and data.
ANTS Memory Profiler
ANTS Memory Profiler gives you the ability to profile .NET executables.
SQL Source Control
Connect your existing source control system to SQL Server.
SQL Response
Monitors your SQL Server instances, and raises alerts to warn you about issues.
SQL Object Level Recovery Native
It enables you to recover individual database objects.
Deployment Manager SSMS add-in
It enables you to create and publish database packages.
SQL Refactor
refactor SQL Code: layout & smart rename objects.
PInvoke.net Visual Studio Add-In
PInvoke.net add-in for saves the effort of having to open up a web browser.
SQL Log Rescue
Log analysis tool, allowing you to explore your logs...
Exception Hunter
Tool that finds the exceptions your functions might throw.
Schema Compare for Oracle
Provides a fast way to compare and deploy Oracle schemas.
Data Compare for Oracle
It can compare Oracle tables and deploy differences.
SQL Scripts Manager
It provides 28 scripts that streamline repeated administration tasks.
DLM Dashboard
DLM Dashboard tracks your database schemas and alerts you when they change.
Red Gate SQL Bundle
Contains 10 essential tools every database developer needs.
MySQL Compare
Allows you to compare and synchronize the schemas of MySQL databases.
SQL Monitor Base
SQL Monitor is a performance monitoring and alerting tool for SQL Server.
Source Control for Oracle
The application makes it easy to version-control your schemas with Git.